Each and everyone which have become member of google Adsense have to know terms exist in in service, so that we know how journey of adsense google, the terms [is]
a. Publisher
• [Is] people or owner of situs which have joined forces with Google Adsense and have attached advertisement of Adsense [in] blog or its its[his]
• b. Ad Units
[Is] advertisement type salahsatu of Adsense, this advertisement consist of some advertisement type and size measure which most commonly [is] ads text. At the (time) of visitor of this advertisement mengeklik hence if is valid, publisher will get as according to value of CPC-NYA
• Link Units
Link Units much the same to ad unit, just only is [of] its format loo like ordinary menu format [of] us meet [at] some website. If visitor of existing advertisement mengeklik, hence he will be brought [by] next kehalaman. Publisher will get commission if visitor of the advertisement mengeklik on page
• For content Adsense
[Is] a[n attached advertisement at one particular page;yard. Advertisement which emerge [is] advertisement matching with article of blog. This [is] including Add Units and of link units
• Ads Alternate
[At] content for adsense, ikloan [do] not always emerge. This matter [is] caused [by] for example because (it) is true advertisement stok related to situs have [used up/finished]
• For search Adsense
Besides installing advertisement, adsense publisher also can install their disitus box search form. This Form [is] named [by] Adsense search for. If there [is] visitor [doing/conducting] seeking by using the form hence he will [go] to page;yard result of pertinent seeking. Publisher will get inclusion if visitor of existing advertisement mengeklik
• Referral
[Is] salahsatu of[is source of biggest earnings [in] world of google Adsense. Publisher earn referral ikalan meletakan, good in the form of or banner of text this advertisement diblog have the character of CPA ( cost per action) where publisher will get earnings if pengunung [do/conduct] what di[perintah by advertisement

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