Hello Friends
With Allah rahmad of SWT, finally I can make blog [is] which [is] very required to beginner temen-temen [in] internet, this inspiration [is] I get at the (time) of advertisement nonton [in] TV, that moment there [is] two cewek which [is] lunching ( if wrong ndak [of] lho), what [is] is its its[his] one " [Is] address of imel lho ?" with PD which is one [reply/ answer] " JL. Hasanudin NO. 02 is" ( weary [of] deeeeh

I do not wish this experience happened [at] x'self of temen-temen, ashamed [of] dooooong, possible in this time [at] this wacky all epoch, which [in] asking [do] not only address of imel but, temen-temen also will enquire " What your you address or what your you address?" is it possible that its answer " Block of M" sure [of] him all will laugh at temen-temen ha ha ha ha ha hakkkkkk. WHAT [of] WORD of DUNIAAAAAAAAAA
Udah first yach joke [him/it], surely temen-temen have patient ndak [of] pengan have imel or also website, patient [of] dong, he/she said patient people [in] loving the infinite. In fact very easy make and imel of blog time butuh cuman 5 minute. Easy [of] tooooooooo

First [is] I will give stages;steps make imel, what most [in] taking a fancy to in this time imel which often [in] using [is] and yahoo of gmail. After tahu,temen temen-temen- temen remain to select;choose will [in] or yahoo of gmail, if suggestion I better justly select;choose [of] gmail because its capacities bigger than [at] yahoo
If pengen have and is direct [of] list [in] yahoo click aja here,
Or pengen have and is direct [of] list [in] gmail click aja here

After friends fill question 2 there surely friends have had address of imel beautiful
If there [is] less clear [of] temn-temn can send question to adimas.soma@gmail.com
After friends have address of imel, hereinafter friend 2 interesting to have no address of website ? if (it) is true interest me also have most step [of] exact only 5 friend minute 2 having personal website, pass website, friend 2 can tell or mengexpresikan all that is [in] liver of teman2 without feeling is gauche. Okkkk
In fact many application offering free of charge like Wordpress.Com or of blogsome.com ataun also blogspot.com

But I will suggest to delicious you to be more our him wear service of blog free which provided by service of google. Ups await first before you make blog you have to have imel first later for LOGIN, easier [of] your him have imel [in] gmail, so that will facilitate you, pengen have imel [in] gmail, click here.
After you have imel immediately enlist [in] click or www.blogger.com here after you enter to [do/conduct] stages;steps hereunder

1.after you pay a visit to www.blogger.com you'd see [it] click word " Blog Now your create" or create a account continue there [is] arrow sign " creating a your blog now" and you [is] aka served [by] some registration form started from giving the name of blog until we chosen template. Afterwards you is ready for your blog memosting

2.after you have stepped into facia you'd see many menu, that menu for example

a.post new that is menu to write down new posting, posting can in the form of article, daily note or is other [of] its nucleus;core [of] your blog isidari
b.Post : menu to see any kind of posting which have diposting c. Setting that is menu for the configuraton of blog d. Blog view that is menu to see our blog which cover tataletak, and position of content e. Edit Profile, account my, language change that is to edit personal data

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