This is one of [the] process give dollar road;street so that enter your kekantong 24 [hour/clock] of nonstop. Why [do] not after you have had akun [in] Adsense google and surely it[him] have been agreed [by] [party/ side] olek of google Adsense, hence you can start to place that codes into your blog.
Practical stages;steps place Adsense [in] the following blogger

a. step into [screen/sail] of Layout > Page Element. This [Screen/Sail] present and layout of elemnt yangt there are [in] your blog
b. click of Add element page and hereinafter you'd be brought [by] kehalaman of this baru.halaman contain everything form element which can be enhanced to your blog. Because you wish to enhance code of Adsense hence selecting menu of ADD TO BLOG [at] part of HTML / javascript

c. Copy of code of Adsense and of pastekan [at] box of content and entitle [at] box of title d. Last [of] click of SAVE CHANGES for the save of change that happened

Hereinafter [is] how to take the the code this is its its[his] a. taking code of text unit
1. login to Google Adsense akun by using akun [at] saaat enlist
2. menu click of Adsense setup
3. later;then select;choose Unit text
4. hereinafter akanmuncul two choice of anta Wizarddan page singel. To facilitate you select;choose Singel Page
5. [at] shares Ad Unit there [is] three choice a. your And jka image Text wish to place picture and text b. Ads only Text if you only wishing just text c. Ads Image if you only wishing just picture
6. select;choose image and text
7. shares hereinafter [is] to chosen advertisement size measure there [is] three Vertical choice, horizontal and square 8. its its step all much the same to in intake of code

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