To owner you of blog or of website opportunity earn money there [is] before very eyes, its way you is only registering your blog [in] Adsense google. Possible there [is] many people or news saying that list [in] Adsense google very difficult, that even also real correct (it) is true because empirically I [is], Adsense google have refused my blog [is] three of times;rill, at that moment I very confuse what mistake of me and how I have to improve;repair [him/it], devil to have to devil one matter which [is] very influencing its[his] [him/ it] that is about Ianguage of blog our, (it) is true from [party/ side] of google Adsense think twice if our Ianguage [of] Indonesian, but all that [do] not make mental breakdown me, I [is] just akalin [of] Adsense google, blog I do not article buatin which wear English. If you confuse to make English article you earn Copy of Paste of other blog the is English-speaking, after you accepted [by] that article [is] you vanish [do] not the problem of because you have had akun [in] Adsense google

its Ok Moment [of] step us of lebihmaju for that read langkah-langjah hereunder
1.open http://google.com/AdSense situs there [is] Sign now up tulisam and later;then click that sign
2.there are menu of Welcome Adsense to
3.[in] URL website, writing down address of situs your [of] example [of]: http://kangmassoma.blogspot.com
4.[in] language website, select;choose English ( use website have Ianguage [to] of inggris e. there [is] menu of Contact information
a. Type Account, select;choose " individually b. Or territory Country select;choose " Indonesia" or particular state which you wish
5.Name Payee ( name full) write complete name [of] you as according to name of which as described [in] KTP or Bank account and [in] content also complete home address, zip code telephone of semuaya have to fill

6. In column of Policies give dot sign all is fifth [of] existing box, meaning you have agreed with agreement of Adsense google

7. Reexamine all that [is] filled. If correctness have click information submit

8. Hereinafter you'd diberikonfirmasi repeat of datas you which have fill. Ascertaining all datas [is] correctness, because of mempengarhui payment of you

9.Under him you'd [in] menu suguhi of which you describes best? If you have had akun [in] gmail hence selecting " Have enamel an I of addres I Adwords like services google with use already password and, Gmail, Orkut, the or personalized of page home". If not yet hence selecting " Do note I of use services other these. Would account google new a create like

10.Later;Then you leav at the post news or approval O.K. from Its google it him reciprocation you will accept one until five day after pendafaran. And will be delivered to [pass/through] via enamel. Ok l. After you agreed later;then click sentence or sign " below link the on click please precisely http://...... Your imel. After click you you'd be brought by new page

11.If you have been accepted, you'd get terakhil konfimasi of Adsense google, and you even also ready for placing code of Adsense [in] your blog and finally dollar even also will emit a stream of your sack;bag 24 [hour/clock] of nonstop


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